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Contact: Kris Dempsey
Days: (555) 555-5555
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Clover N’ Spice Kraft Dinner, A New Flavour Embraces The Basic

HAMILTON, Oct. 8, 2020- Kraft Canada has announced a new flavour for Kraft Dinner- Clover n’ Spice. Launching November 1st, just in time for the holidays; this gives your favourite Kraft Dinner a bold new flavour to celebrate this season. Targeting millennials, Kris Dempsey, president of marketing at Kraft Dinner is trying to tap into feelings of nostalgia. 

““Ringarde!” If you’ve watched “Emily in Paris” then you know what it means, ‘basic,’” said Kris Dempsey, President of Marketing at Kraft Dinner. “We decided to lean into that, embrace the “basic,” that’s what this new flavour is. We wanted to tap into that nostalgia millennials feel, so many of them  grew up eating KD but we wanted them to feel cool about it too.” 

Kelly Dennis, brand manager of Kraft Dinner and fellow millennial has confirmed that through the use of focus groups that millennials are responding to nostalgia especially in this difficult year. As the brand has begun the new flavour role out over Instagram their following has grown from 1.2 million followed to 2.2 million, doubling nearly overnight. “Clearly this works, and clearly people are responding to this new flavour,” said Kelly. 

Kraft Dinner has been feeding families since 1937, a staple in many homes has now found a new way to connect with the next generation. 


Contact: John Smith
Public Relations Manager
905-555-5555 ext 123

YouTubeTV  launches brand new travel cooking show, starring Jordan Haynes

Hamilton, October 20, 2020- The most popular website for watching television online, YouTubeTV, has launched a brand new travel cooking show; “Jordan Eats!” set to air April 2021. Staring famed internet travel blogger Jordan Haynes, this new show will focus on Haynes’s travel through South East Asia as he uncovers new places and new tastes. 

Inspired by the legacy of Anthony Bourdain, Haynes said “The goal for me for this show is to get to know a different culture, and the most immersive way for us to do that is to go and travel. Engage our primary senses in terms of understanding a culture, in terms of taste, and smell.” “Jordan Eats!” will explore how food bridges cultural differences and ultimately brings people together. 

“We are so excited to see where Jordan takes us!” said chief executive of YouTubeTV Adrian Anderson. “People familiar with Jordan’s travel blog will know that he is an expert traveller and manages to uncover hidden gems. Anyone who follows his blog will be excited to watch him in action.”

Haynes has been bringing his travel adventures to Instagram for the last four years and has amassed 2.2 million followers. YouTubeTV expects that at a minimum half of those followers will watch the show, solidifying YouTubeTV as the number one streaming service for travel and food TV. 

Sponsored by Air Canada, Jordan will be travelling with all of Star Alliances partnering airlines, showcasing not only how to find good food but how to fly in style. The first episode of the show will be filmed in Japan, though the location is top secret. The show will follow Jordan on his adventures and as he explores local markets, meets with local chefs, and is taught to prepare traditional dishes. 

YouTubeTV has become the most popular platform for streaming since its inception in 2017. Bringing millions of viewers together from the comfort of their own home, YouTubeTV has the largest collection of videos on the internet. 


Media Advisories


Attention: Editors/Producers/Reporters
March 10, 2021

Lululemon announces ground-breaking new partnership for the brand

Victoria, March 10, 2021¬- Lululemon will be holding a media conference with a special guest speaker. John Smith, C.E.O. and the entire board of directors will also be in attendance.

WHO: Lululemon Athletica, John Smith CEO and guest speaker Sarah Nicole (The Birds Papaya)

WHAT: A media conference will be held at the Lululemon flagship store to announce a new partnership.

WHERE: Lululemon Flagship, 123 Ocean Ave, Victoria, BC, H2H 2H2.

WHEN: March 15, 2021 10 a.m. (PST)

WHY: The media conference is being held to announce to the public the new partnership with Sarah Nicole Landry.

HOW: The announcement will be the first time the public and shareholders are hearing about the new partnership that will broaden Lululemon’s audience and client base and is expected to increase profits.

MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: John Smith, CEO of Lululemon and Sarah Nicole of The Bird’s Papaya will be available to the media for questions following the announcement. 


Media Contact:
Bryn Sutherland                 
Public Relations Director
Phone: 905-555-5555
E-mail :


Attention: Editors/Producers/Reporters
March 20, 2021

Jacksontown Hospital to host a media conference on hospital expansion plans

Jacksontown, March 20, 2021 – Jacksontown Hospital will be holding a media conference with a keynote speaker. The board of directors including Janet Smith, C.E.O. of Jacksontown Hospital are expected to be in attendance. 

WHO:  Jacksontown Hospital, Keynote speaker, Peter Elgin

WHAT: A media conference will be held to announce the expansion of the hospital. 

WHERE:  Jacksontown Hospital, Sun Room, 15 Blue Nose Cres., Jacksontown, ON, L8L 3R3. The Sun Room is located on the third floor of the East Wing of the hospital. Enter through the main hospital entrance, follow the blue lines on the floor, and take the elevator to the third floor.

WHEN: Thursday, Mar. 22. 2021- 10 a.m.  

WHY: The announcement is being made to bring attention to the public about the hospital’s improvement plans and expansion.

HOW: The announcement will shed light on new opportunities that will be available to the public and to stakeholders.

MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Media will be invited to ask questions after the announcement and keynote address.


Media Contact:
Bryn Sutherland
Communications Officer
Jacksontown Communications Corp.

Business Letter:

Thompson Event Management and Supplies
123 Fake St
Hamilton, ON. A1B C23

November 12, 2020

Steve Givers 
654 Charity Avenue,
Burlington, ON. 4D5 E6F

Dear Mr. Givers:

I hope this letter finds you well. Thank you for reaching out to Thompson Event Management and Supplies. Your work in the community is very respected. 

Thompson Event Management and Supplies considers community relations to be very important. At this time, we are unable to make a financial contribution. We are however able to donate supplies and expertise to your next event. We would be happy to arrange a meeting with one of our event coordinators to offer support to Givers Foundation. 

Thank you for considering a partnership with Thompson Event Management and Supplies. We greatly appreciate all that you do in the community and look forward to supporting you in the future. 


Kevin Thompson, CEO 

Feature Writing:

Contact: Bryn Sutherland
Public Relations Director
The Agency- Mohawk College
Tel: (905) 555-5555

Comfortable Athleisure Wear for Expectant & New Mothers
Lululemon announces highly-anticipated maternity line

Victoria, BC. March 16, 2021- “Because no one had samples that fit me after giving birth. And so many clothes from stores didn’t fit either. So. Many. I put together a LA Vino shirt and dress from NET-A-PORTER to make this pretty outfit.” That was a quote from actress Blake Lively on Jimmy Fallon not long after giving birth to her third child.

Blake Lively talks to Jimmy Fallon.

 Now if Blake Lively cannot find something comfortable to wear, imagine how the non-celebrity moms and moms to be feel. For so long women have struggled not only to accept their bodies during pregnancy and after birth, but they have felt rejected by society, under immense pressure for their bodies to “bounce back” and the fashion world has been unforgiving. That’s where Lululemon Athletica is changing the game.  Known for their famous leggings that took the world by storm in 2007, Lululemon is poised to take over the world of expectant and new mothers with their new maternity line launched in partnership with Sarah Nicole Landry, better known as The Birds Papaya.

 Sarah Nicole, or The Birds Papaya as you may know her, is an Instagram influencer from Burlington, Ont. Sarah’s Instagram page is flooded with honest photos and captions of her changing body. She speaks openly and honestly about leaving an abusive marriage with her two kids, becoming a single mom, overcoming her eating disorder, and her challenges to finally accept her body. This past year, she welcomed a third child with her new husband; this led to a whole new conversation about how her body was changing again. She is a natural fit for the Lululemon brand who is trying to become more inclusive to all body shapes and sizes. 

When asked about the partnership, Sarah said that “I’ve long loved my lululemon leggings but was disappointed when I realized they wouldn’t fit throughout my pregnancy. I was so flattered when Jane reached out about this partnership. It seems like a small thing to most people, but having clothes that fit, are comfortable and offer support through your pregnancy and after is a 

huge thing to a mother to be or new mom. You are already feeling so many things, from discomfort to anxiety about whether you will be a good mom, to feeling the body shame after you give birth, the love you feel for your child. You can be feeling all these things at once, and it makes a big difference to be able to get dressed in the clothes you want to wear, not just the clothes available to pregnant women, which can be very limited.”

A New Era of Inclusivity

This marks a turning point for the Canadian brand, long called upon to be more inclusive; it seems they are finally listening. Body positivity activists are hoping that this signals a new era in Lululemon, one that will also include plus-size options. The body positivity movement has grown in popularity in recent years. Long gone are the days when women were only supposed to be supermodel thin. A new era of body acceptance and a change in beauty standards is sweeping the nation. While some people might think that this new standard for health and beauty is more about fashion, Lululemon has proven that being fashionable and comfortable never goes out of style. Their leggings have become a staple in nearly everyone’s wardrobe, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

We were given a sneak peek of what the new Lululemon leggings will look like.

Speaking to the CEO, Jane Smith, she said that “We realized that not only were we missing a share of the market but that we are underserving our long and loyal customers. We wanted to provide clothes that offered comfort and support as you navigate the new changes in life and in your body. But we knew we wanted to do it the right way. That is why we partnered with Sarah Nicole of the Bird’s Papaya.”

Having products for women, designed by women, and made with the actual experience in mind has proved to be an excellent idea, the newest line set to drop April 1, 2021, is already sold out in the presales. Lululemon has amped up their production to allow for more to become available in stock quicker. Time will tell if this means that Lululemon will be expanding their sizes to include plus-size women, but people are hopeful. In the meantime, Lululemon is heeding Blake Lively’s words and ensuring that they offer clothing that is comfortable, supportive and fashionable for new and expectant mothers. 


Ad Copy:

One man’s sludge is another man’s fertilizer

Turning trash into treasure, Generation Plus Bio Chemical Corporation has pioneered new technology to reduce our environmental footprint while ensuring our food supply. 

Bringing more than sludge from wastewater, Generation Plus will also bring 200 new jobs to the town of Melonville. 

Listed as one of Canada’s top 100 employers, Generation Plus is more than a job, it’s a chance to improve the world for the next generation. 

Be part of the future; help ensure our communities grow together while growing together. 

For further details on job opportunities and community, partnerships go to

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Masthead Design for The Spice Factory: Adobe Indesign & Photoshop
Demonsrating a masthead in CMYK, RBG and Grey Scale




Event Invitation: Adobe Indesign

This was a group project where we designed a cohesive invitation to a fictional event. I was in charge of the layout of the entire project, the envelope design, and the evening's agenda/order of events.


Large print banner

Order of Events pg.1 

Order of Events pg. 2

Brochure for a not-for-profit Kids Can Fly operating out of Brantford, Ont.

Photoshop of my favourite city, NYC and music icon Biggie Smalls:

Social Media Calendar:

The Fruity Drink Company

Objective of Social Media Retainer 
To manage and engage with social media pages, Facebook and Twitter, of The Fruity Drink Company 


  1. Provide a short week-long campaign to engage the community about upcoming Fruity Drink promotions and partnerships 
  2. Post the approved content from the editorial calendar 
  3. The new retainer includes increased engagement with the Facebook and Twitter communities:
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