Our Honeymoon to Mexico: Part Three

The beach in Mazunte

From Oaxaca City we travelled to Mazunte, a small coastal town in Oaxaca province. We took a bus ride through the mountains and it took about 9 hours. We arrived to our secluded B&B. 

Our little B&B

Our little hut was surrounded by a lush garden

Our B&B wa situated between two beaches, each about  a 7 minute walk away. One beach was known for its famous sunsets. We packed a few beers each night and would hike to the look-out point to watch the sunset. 

Look-out point at sunset. 

The main beach had beautiful sunrises, and was safe to swim in (sunset beach had rip-tides). We spent most of our mornings on the beach reading, and swimming. Local women would come up and sell us ceviche and tamales. There's nothing better than fresh fish ceviche tacos, and tamales on the beach with beer. 

Fresh ceviche tacos on the beach

The beach!

We only rented chairs twice but it was a great way to get out of the sun

Fresh tamales on the beach

Mazunte is a very small hippy town, that is only about 1 km in length. So we would walk up the main strip and get tacos. The tacos were definitely catered more to tourists than locals (except for those sold on the beach) but they were still really good. We lived off tacos for the 17 days we were in Mexico and I would give anything to go back.

Our favourite taco and tequila bar

Mezcal and a hibiscus margarita 


Most of our time in Mazunte was spent relaxing by the beach, there wasn't as much exploring to do. However, in Oaxaca City we met a British girl who recommended we go whale watching and dolphin watching. She gave us the name of one of the tour guides. We managed to see sperm whales, turtles, and we went swimming with literally 200 wild dolphins. Mazunte is on the West coast of Mexico and is known for its wild marine life. 


Sperm whale

I don't have a video of me swimming with the dolphins but they loved to jump by our boat!

All in all, Mexico was the perfect honeymoon. I highly recommend everyone go to Mexico. We ate great food, went on adventures, and had down time to hang out by the beach. We flew back home through Mexico City and had two last days there. We went to our favourite taco spots, went to a few more markets, and got the last of our mezcal fix in. We didn't know the day we flew home, February 1, 2020, that by March the world would have changed. I am so thankful we got this trip in. It's hard not to be able to travel right now but looking back on these memories definitely helps soothe the travel itch!


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