Travelling During A Pandemic


Well, it has been a long time since I posted on here. Since my last post, the Covid-19 pandemic has hit globally, we have moved back to Hamilton from Montreal and life as we knew it has dramatically changed.

I spent the last two years planning a dream backpacking honeymoon that would span six months only to put it on hold indefinitely. So while I am normally "Nomadic" lately I have been homebound. 

We finally got on our first plane ride since January, which is the longest we've gone since starting to date, and we flew to rainy Vancouver. 

Just a quick trip to visit some family and getaway. Vancouver was beautiful. We stayed in the Mount Pleasent neighbourhood and hit up some local breweries. We also checked out some amazing restaurants and I took a quick dip in the ocean (it was so cold!).

Flying during a pandemic was not great, our flight was packed like sardines and the only saving grace was that everyone had to wear a mask. We flew from Hamilton International Airport to Abbotsford International Airport, and upon arrival, we rented a car and drove the hour into Vancouver. 

At the airport in Hamilton, there was a Tim Horton's open before security, one after security, and a local sandwich shop that had local beer on tap! Although to be honest at 7am I was not in the mood for a beer. In contrast, Abbotsford had practically nothing open, no food services, and minimal drinks available. Luckily for our flight home, I checked online before leaving Vancouver and we were able to get a bagel before heading to the airport.

Once we were in Vancouver, travel was...well normal. We wore our masks indoors at restaurants (just like in Ontario) but isn't that everyone's new normal? We took a walk along the Stanley Park seawall and through the forest. We went to English Bay beach so I could run in and say I went for a swim. 

The entire trip was a lovely, much-needed break. It was so good seeing my brother and cousins, and we met up with Nick's aunt who is a fantastic artist. Nick hadn't been to Vancouver in about 20 years, so it was nice to show him all my favourite spots from years of visiting.

I think our favourite spot was Brassnecks Brewery in Mount Pleasant, they had some killer beers. Although, to be honest, it is hard to pick a favourite part of the trip. When I was younger I use to hate Vancouver, but now, I can definitely see its' appeal. Being so close to the mountains and ocean truly felt like a breath of fresh air. 

Hopefully, in 2021 we will be more "nomadic" and less homebound. I have already started planning some pretty special trips across Canada in case international travel is still off the table next summer.


In the meantime, here are some pictures of our brief trip away.

Me, diving into the very cold Pacific Ocean

English Bay

A beautiful mural in downtown Vancouver

My favourite beer flight!


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