Our Honeymoon to Mexico: Part One


This time last year we were preparing for our wedding, and our honeymoon! We spent 17 days in Mexico for our honeymoon. I can't believe it took me so long to get there. Mexico quickly has become one of my all time favourite countries. The food, the people, the history & culture, all of it was amazing.

So where did we spend our 17 days? In this first part I'll explain in part one of the blog how we spent our first few days in Mexico City. 

We stayed in the Roma Norte neighborhood in an Airbnb. Roma Norte & La Condesa are the two neighborhoods most recommended to tourists. Both neighborhoods are filled with gorgeous tree lined streets with street food on every corner.

We spent our first day wandering around, and eating all the street tacos. Hitting up the famous Taco al Pastor spot in La Condesa .

Street Food

Tacos Al Pastor

A friend of ours recommended going to a Luchador fight. It was so much fun, by the end of the night there were so many fighters in the arena. It was filled with theatrics, and gorgeous costumes. We had so much fun drinking Modello and eating tacos while watching the match.

Luchador Arena 

Devil Luchador

Luchador's in the ring

Another highlight of Mexico City was going to the "Palacia de Bella Artes." I had read if you go to the department store across the street they have a 7th floor cafe patio that over looks the palace. It was simply gorgeous. I would love to go back and explore inside. 

The view of Palacio de Bellas Artes

Another highlight of Mexico City was visiting Frida Kahlo's house. The gardens were beautiful and the house was filled with self portraits, and paintings of Diego Rivera (her husband). On display they had Frida's personal clothing collection. Gorgeous dresses, boots, and corsets designed to help hide her physical impairments. Frida suffered from polio as a child and had a slightly shorter leg. 

Frida's Garden 

Frida's Shoe

Frida's Dress

Frida's Self-Portrait


Finally, the reason we went to Mexico City was to go to Pujol. Rated the 12th best restaurant in 2019, Pujol has a mother mole sauce that is 15 years old. Similar to a mother in a cider, this mother mole has been added bit by bit. We had the 6 course tasting menu and it was fantastic. I couldn't believe how amazing the food was. The chef focuses on Indigenous Mexican food, largely from Oaxaca region. Among the more interesting dishes we had, was huitlacoche, which is a fungus that grows on corn. 

The Mother Mole


All in all, Mexico City was amazing. The food, the history, the culture, and the people all made it such an unforgettable experience. 

Coming soon....part 2 will explore our time in Oaxaca City, culinary capital of Mexico.


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