Month #4: September

Hey Everyone

So if you've been following along, I've been working on a 7 month budget, with the goal of cutting spending by 10% every month. SO far I have failed every month and September was no different! Our spending has still been pretty high, but it is mostly because of unexpected costs. For example I had ANOTHER dentist appointment which drove up our monthly costs.

Our essentials is high because it includes the dentist appointment, and a 120$ visa bill. This 120$ was the annual fee for our visa, I consider it essential because our visa gives us travel points, and the annual fee is non-negotiable so what can you do about it? As per usual we have kept our groceries pretty low, and going out hasn't been so bad. I had a friend home from Australia so we went out, but that only happens once every two years!

Keeping this post short because there is not much to say! Hoping that October is more successful, although so far, I don't think it will be! It turns out trying to cut 10% a month is a lot harder than I anticipated. I might need to re-think my goals for the new year!


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