Politics and the upcoming Election

Hi Everyone!

I know I've been MIA from my blog the last two months. I've been focusing more on saving and budgeting, and also had some severe writers block. I've been thinking lately about what fuels me other than travel. Before I began travelling so often my passion was politics. I've been pretty political since I was about 16 but in the last few years thats taken a back seat to my love of travel. However, since moving to Montreal I've re-connected to my love of politics. Montreal is a very radical and political city. The art scene here is strong and often used as expression of personal politics. My friends here are very political and most of what we discuss at work is politics, theory, and human rights. I feel re-invigorated by these conversations and lately have been feeling a call to action.

So while this blog will remain one that discusses travel and budgeting, I will also now discuss politics. My background from university is an Honour Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, as well as a Masters of Arts in Canadian and Comparative Politics. Be forewarned, I am NOT a Conservative and this blog will 100% be partisan.

Canadians are gearing up for our next Federal Election which is in just over 6 months! It is wild to me that we have a Federal Election so soon. It sometimes feels like no one is talking about it. And while we are lucky to have a shorter election cycle than our American neighbours, with our election just over 6 months away, now is the time to get fired up!

So, going forward, I'll be using this blog to discuss Canadian politics. I'm going to focus on three things:
  1. My local riding here in Montreal 
  2. The riding I grew up in in Hamilton (Hamilton pride forever!)
  3. The FOUR main parties from a bigger picture perspective. Yes I am counting the Green Party as Party #4, they may not be traditionally one of Canada's main parties but c'mon we have to start caring about the environment!

So get ready because the next 6 months will be a mix of Politics, Budgeting, and Travelling! And don't worry it really will be a mix of all three topics, we have a trip planned for the end of June to the Amalfi Coast in Italy & The Czech Republic so I'll be sharing all my planning, budgeting and itineraries for those trips! And since I have no photos of me doing political things, enjoy these photos of Canadas beautiful landscape, coast to coast, and remember we are all in this together!

One of my favourite beaches in Cape Breton!

Hanging on the beach in Vancouver

Just being a beach bum in PEI
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