New Year, New Me, New Blog?

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It felt like 2019 was never going to come! For the new year I've decided to change the blog a little bit. I'll still be posting about our travels - for instance, we are actually off to Iceland later today! But for the New Year I also want to focus on budgeting, saving, and giving everyone an insight into how we really do it all. We have a big year ahead of us, including multiple trips, and of course our wedding! So I want to show everyone how we afford it and hopefully you can take away some tips for your own life!

Every week on Instagram I'm going to share our weekly budget, what we are setting aside for savings or rent, and what we spend on groceries or going out. And then monthly I'll have an update here. I know a lot of people struggle to budget and it can be really hard, so I hope my posts will help others to see how they can do it too. You'll have to be following me on Instagram @thenomadicbee to see the weekly breakdown.

I'm also going to focus on customized itineraries. Between friends and family who are going away this year I often get asked where to start, how to decide where to go, and what to do. So I'm going to be making mock itineraries for people just to help them get the ball rolling. Some of the places will be spots I've never been to so it'll be fun to do research and then save it for us for one day too.

But before all this, Iceland! I'll be sharing on Instagram our daily adventures so make sure to follow along @thenomadicbee 


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