Staying Sane While I Travel

      Pictured here: me relaxing during my trip to Vietnam!

We have been home for a few days now and catching up with friends and family, and the one question we keep getting asked is: how are you doing, constantly travelling?

When you travel for long periods of time, it can be amazing, but also exhausting. This is the second time I have taken a break from work and just focused on travelling and adventure. The first time, I was backpacking for 5 months across three continents. This time, we are taking a 4 month break; 2 months were spent backpacking and the other 2 have been travelling around North America on our own and with family. 

Both times during extended travels, I find myself missing my routine, my favourite foods and creature comforts. Travelling and being away is ALWAYS worth these minor inconveniences.

I think it's really important to recognize and accept that you have to give up your regular life (at least for a little bit) when you travel long term. The ways that I keep myself sane and grounded is by taking it sloooow somedays. Travelling is now your new routine, and part of your new routine can totally be laying around watching Netflix on your phone. You shouldn't feel guilty that you're in this amazing place, wherever you are, and you're taking a few hours for yourself. 

If you are like me, and are doing not one but many trips: in the few days you have at home, relax, do your old favourite things, enjoy your down time and get your laundry done so you're ready to hit the road again ;)

We've had ten days at home. In that time, I've resumed my old workout routine (Hamilton's Escarpment Stairs), spent time with friends and family and caught up on a lot of Netflix. 

That being said, we are off again today! Bright and early, first to go sign our new lease, in our new province and soon to be home town of Montreal, Quebec and then continuing east!

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