East Coast is the Best Coast

They say "West Coast is the Best Coast" but let me tell you, they're wrong. The East Coast of Canada is probably one of my favourite places in this country. And I've been to 9/10 provinces (just need to make it to Newfoundland and Labrador).

My favourite place in Eastern Canada is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It's where as a child, I spent many summers visiting my grandparents. In fact, we still own their old house. I love Cape Breton for its wild oceans and rugged terrain, the small fishing boats and the artisan community. The drive out here from Hamilton, is loong- about 20hrs if you do it in one shot - but it is well worth it.

Margaree Harbour is a small community sitting at the mouth of Margaree River, where it runs into the Atlantic Ocean, in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

The food down here is phenomenal (provided you like seafood!). They also have amazing pizza, my favourite being Donair Pizza - tender gyro meat, tomatoes and Donair sauce - so good! As for seafood, I'll eat anything. But there is a mobile fish truck that travels town to town and on Thursdays it's one town over, in Cheticamp. When we went, they had the most amazing fresh scallops! Lobster and crab is also in abundance down here.

Near by is Big Spruce Brewery, a local micro brewery that serves some pretty fantastic beer and has rotating food trucks serving up some awesome lunch options!

FT Top: Cereal Killer Porter
Bottom: Personal Flight

Inverness is home to two amazing golf courses (so I'm told, I don't golf!). There is Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links. Attached to Cabot Links is a bar, restaurant and "public house." We had lunch at the bar, sitting in front of big windows overlooking the course, right next to the final hole. Between myself, my fiance (Nick) and my parents we had, two lobster rolls, clam chowder, and a burger. They all had beer, but I had "The Duchess," a cocktail with gin, lemon, white wine, and "lavender jelly," it was presented very simply but very refreshing. Were I a golfer, I would enjoy that on a hot day!

FT Top: The Duchess
Bottom: LobsterRoll

And then in town is Island Sunset Resort and Lobster Pound. At Island Sunset you can go to their restaurant, or the lobster pound. At the lobster pound you can get either live or boiled lobster, lobster rolls, sandwiches etc. In the resort there is full dinner, I love to start with the lobster poutine, then get a full lobster dinner.

FT Top: Lobster Poutine
Bottom: Full Lobster Dinner

There is also the near by Belle View Restaurant, a classic diner-esque family run restaurant that does a mean lobster roll and they have the famous Donair pizza I mentioned at the start!

FT Top: Donair Pizza
Below: Classic bacon, green pepper and olive

Needless to say, you eat well when visiting Cape Breton. The fish is so fresh, the restaurants are so good, and everyone has that stereotypically Canadian small town charm and politeness!

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Here are the links to all the places I talked about in my mini Margaree Harbour Guide!

The Belle View: http://restaurantwebx.com/BelleView/
Big Spruce Brewing: www.bigspruce.ca
Island Sunset: http://islandsunset.com/restaurant.php
Cabot Links: https://www.cabotlinks.com/


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