California Love! Part 1


Last week I was in California for what I call a siblings trip. I went with my fiance, two brothers and sister-in-law. It was our first trip as adults and without my nieces (don't worry they got spoiled by grandparents!). We started in Los Angeles, which is a huge city, just insanely sprawling.

We had rented a car, which is a 100% necessity in LA - the neighborhoods are big and no one walks, and I mean no one - their public transit is notoriously terrible. Over three days we drove around and saw Venice Beach & Boardwalk, The Griffith Observatory, Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, North Hollywood and Beverley Hills, and on our way out we stopped in Malibu. My favorite place we visited in LA was Venice Beach. The water was super warm and wavy, there was so much space on the beach, the boardwalk was fun to walk around and check out vendors, and of course there is Muscle Beach and the home of weightlifting. The sunsets there are also insanely gorgeous. We didn't even scratch the surface of what LA has to offer but it was still an amazing city. I loved that it lived up to the standards TV and movies have set!

However, LA is expensive! Sure the taco trucks are super cheap (1.25/taco!!) but largely it is a pricey city. So here are a few tips I have if your going there!

  1. Eat at the taco trucks - might seem obvious but we didn't do it enough, when you sit down in a restaurant tacos are usually 7$/taco vs 1.25$/taco at the truck. Also you could seriously survive on just tacos alone, they are everywhere and they are delicious!
  2. Pick a neighborhood, maybe two to visit per day, and no more. Anymore than that and you'll spend most of the day stuck in traffic. 
  3. Rent a car or accept that you will be Uber-ing everywhere. Parking was surprisingly easy to find, often free, or we found it for cheap. 
  4.  Go to Venice beach! I can't say it enough. We loved our afternoon there. The water was very warm at this time of year, lots of space on the beach, the boardwalk is fun to walk around and of course, Muscle Beach.

 Muscle Beach!
 The sun beginning to set
 The Venice Canals
 Griffith Observatory
The view from the observatory


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