Packing Part 1

I'm off again for another adventure! This time to LA & San Francisco! It won't be a solo trip but a trip with my fiance, two brothers and sister-in-law. I'm really excited because I've never been to California. We are only going for a week so it's a relatively quick trip!

When it comes to packing, I pack the same way whether it's a long or a short trip. I am a very light packer, and with each trip I take, I learn how to cut down on stuff I don't need.

First, I think all you ever need to do is pack enough clothes for one week, even if your trip is 3 weeks long, provided you are staying in relatively the same climate (so not going from the beaches of Thailand to the top of Everest). One weeks worth of clothes should last you.

Underwear, I pack 4-7 pairs, and honestly this is usually too much! Good cotton underwear can be washed quickly in a sink and hung to dry or rolled into a towel. It might seem a bit gross but washing in the sink with the right soap is totally hygenic. Next, socks, this one is tricky for me because I LOVE a fresh pair of socks, like LOVE them. But again about 4 pairs, quick wash and they are good to go. Bras, I usually travel with sports bras and bralettes only. I don't want to ruin one of my expensive bras by shoving into my backpack. Yes an underwire is great but washing it and packing it is a pain in the butt. If I'm ever in dire need I throw on one of my bikini tops as a replacement bra! Ha!

Depending on where you are going you might need a slightly "fancier" or "nicer" shirt, so I usually pack one good cotton black tshirt, one I can pair with jeans or tuck into a skirt. A black tshirt has a lot of versatility. One "nice" tshirt should do you. Then pack one dryfit shirt, the quick drying athletic material is AMAZING. It absorbs sweat, reduces perspiration smell and again, can be washed in the sink and dried very quickly. I usually go for this in black too, since it looks cleaner longer. Lastly, I throw in a black tank top, just a plain cotton one!

Pants and Skirts:
One pair of pants, I prefer my lululemon tights because they fold up small and are perfect for long plane rides. For skirts, I go with a maxi skirt. Usually one thats a cotton poly blend with lots of elastic. Again, it can be dressed up or dressed down. You can fold it short, or keep it long. One pair of shorts is usually good, again go with one that has atheltic material so that they dry quicker.

I always pack one dress (ok usually like 4 but I'm trying to cut down!). A little black dress goes A LONG WAY. Put on some lipstick and a scarf and your good to go for a night out. Throw on a cardigan or sweater and you have a casual dinner outfit. Throw it over your bathingsuit after a day at the beach and go grab lunch at that great local sandwhich shop in town. A little black dress is life saving on a trip.

Scarf, Hat, Sunglasses, FannypackL. ALWAYS pack a scarf, ALWAYS. Pick a nice light one that you can wrap around your shoulders or waist. You never know when you'll have the opportunity to visit a sacred space and you need a bit of modesty. I've worn my scarves as skirts when I've found a temple or church or mosque that requires a womans knees covered. You can also use it to cover your shoulders or hair. Use it as a shawl for a fancy dinner...the possibilities are endless. If you forget your hat at the beach and are feeling crispy wrap it around your head and protect your forehead and scalp from getting burned! Again, the versatility is amazing for any type of travel

One pair of runners, one pair of flip flops, one pair of nice sandles. Thats it. Maybe you will swap out the sandles for hiking boots depending on your trip but anything more than three pairs will really weigh you down.

Tolietries and Makeup:
This is just a list of the essentials, don't forget to include any medication you take regularly, for example, I have asthma so I always travel with an inhaler.
First Aid:
bandaids, tourniquet, allergy pills, anti nausea, anti diahhrea, ibuprophen

Lipstick, one dark or red, one pink or neutral, mascara, concealer, MAYBE blush but thats it. Keep it to the essentials.

Packing light definitely comes with a learning curve, but every trip my bag gets smaller and smaller! For my plane outfit I wear my lulus, t-shirt, grab a hoodie and my jean jacket and I'm ready to jet-set!

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